Our Friendly Cleaning Staff | Colorado Springs, CO

Yvette Head Shot 1-17
Yvette is originally from Vancouver, Washington. Yvette has lived in Colorado since 1980. She is an extremely proud mother of three and grandmother of 4! She's worked very hard to raise her children to be strong individuals and to work hard in life. Some of her children have joined her in her business venture and strive to accommodate all customer needs.
Yvette Kessler
Yvette Head Shot 1-17
Tre is born and raised in Colorado and has worked for Heavenly Hands for 6 years now. Tre enjoys working side by side his family and loves to see how it continues to grow, from it's amazing customers to its great employees.
Tre Vialpando
Mandi Head Shot 1-16
Mandi is originally from Northwest Montana. She is a very happily married mother of 7! She enjoys the outdoors and loves cold weather. Mandi is always overly positive (as if there is such a thing) and wears a smile on her face you can hear through the phone. She's a great listener and always ready to help in anyway she can.
Mandi Shaffer